By Wr. Gabriel Dinda.

At some point, I wanted to work at a media House so badly, that when Nation Newspaper did not accept my request, I felt dejected, rejected and just tired. 
As time went by, I realized that I was actually in a position to create a Media House. But why did I always look at myself as one who could only fit in a system, why?

At some point, I wanted to be employed as an accountant so badly that when I failed to get a chance in Oluch Kimira Irrigation Scheme, I felt so sad, so mad. However, as time went by, I realized that I could actually create an accounting firm of my own. But why did I always look at myself as one who could only fit in a system, why?
At some point I wanted to be a club official so badly, that when I missed the chance in my second year, I felt so weak, so weird. But as time went by, I realized that I could actually be a Founder of a club, a more focused club-then. But why did I always think that I could just fit in a system, why?
At some point, I wanted to get a first class so badly, that when I got Second Class Lower, I felt so foolish, so inadequate. However, as time went by, I realized that I could actually get a first class in my passion and talent. But why did I always think that I could only fit in a system, why?

Moral story…



New York is 3 hours ahead of California but it does not mean that California is slow, or that New York is fast. Both are working based on their own “Time Zone.”

Some one is still single. Someone got married and ‘waited’ 10 years before having a child. There is another who had a baby within a year of marriage.​

Someone graduated at the age of 22, yet waited 5 years before securing a good job; and there is another who graduated at 27 and secured employment immediately !
Someone became CEO at 25 and died at 50 while another became a CEO at 50 and lived to 90 years. 

Everyone works based on their ‘Time Zone‘.
People can have things worked out only according to their pace.

Work in your “time zone”.
Your Colleagues, friends, younger ones might “seem” to go ahead of you.

May be some might “seem” behind you.
Everyone is in this world running their own race on their own lane in their own time. God has a different plan for everybody.Time is the difference. Obama retires at 55, Trump resumes at 70
Don’t envy them or mock them, it’s their ‘Time Zone.’ 

You are in yours!
Hold on, be strong, and stay true to yourself. All things shall work together for your good. 
You’re not late … You are not early … you’re very much On time!:)👍stay blessed.

You Are In Your Time Zone….🌐

MEETING Lynda Ogutu… The standard groups news anchor.. 💕💜💕

Have you ever admired somebody so much that you want to meet them? Dine with them or even shake their hand ? Perhaps being young and  leading a normal life doing house chores,partying,watching movies and taking selfies every time,at events you had that cappuccino a young person like me would term that as LIFE ‘.

But no,suddenly you feel  like you want to lead an extraordinary life adding value to yourself and society at large.You know you want to be successful, but completely have no idea where to begin you are not alone, apparently that’s what I’m going through but then i have come to learn that success is a JOURNEY, take it slow and easy but don’t forget to be young because growth is a process. 

When i was a kid, i was watching my favourite cartoon when evening came.My dad took the remote control  and switched to KBC which was by then like todays KTN NEWS to catch up with the seven o’clock news.I wasn’t disappointed either because it was a norm and seven was ‘daddys time’with the tv and so i had to respect this. 

I decided to join dad in watching though being young,i had ZERO interest in news since i knew it was meant for older people.Adults are boring anyway but then this time i decided to also keep up with the boredom.

I was keen on everything and the lady introduced herself… “Welcome to today’s seven o’clock news, my name is LYNDA OGUTU”…that’s when I got charged and even got interested in knowing more about the lady and what she did on television. 

My interest for television grew day after day,this was especially the seven o’clock news not because i was interested with it but then there was this lady with similar name to mine that always made me excited everytime she mentioned it.

I at times would forget to be at the TV area by that time,but then daddy would call me,we would the then sit quietly at the sofa and watch this young ,beautiful lady read news and this would make me very excited .

That was my first encounter with Lynda ogutu,which at a tender age made me have a keen eye for the media ,which i didn’t know would later be my area of interest in terms of my career.

One day i just told myself i was going to meet her but not with much belief.I think some people are just blessed by God with the gift of making impact.After i cleared my primary school,i really had that one desired long holiday before matiang’i had been appointed education CS.

I was always drawing,riding bike with my friends and  also went for picnics which i still do up to date.I did this for a while and time came in march when i was to join a prestigious high school in March.All of a sudden the desire to be like my name sake came back and i decided there was no turning back.

I don’t understand how it happened all i knew was her commanding feminine voice and beauty that made me admire and wanted so much to work with her.Everytime i introduced myself in class and even outside,one would come and ask if by any chance i have interacted with her or if i’m closely related to her.

I would smile and at times laugh when my folks said i talk like her.How could that be possible when my body size,being a form one and quite shy were just complete opposite of what my name sake was.I kept on pushing my dreams and everyone in class knew that i really wanted to work for the media.

In form two,i happened to meet Ian Mbugua at an open forum and felt like my dream was beginning to turn into a reality because i had only seen him on tv as a judge in Tusker project fame show.

I would caligraph my name as’that anchor ogutu’in all my text and exercise books and many thought it was a weird obsession when it was an honest admiration that flowed from the heart.Days turned into weeks ,months…years and more people would ask me the basis of my name.At times i would just say it  is a coincidence but then one at times would want me to justify which i did.

I continued keeping my dream alive this time by writing short stories and giving to my friends to read.One fine day,i woke up and wrote an article but then i said to myself i won’t keep it.I sent it through POSTA and had a feeling it was going to be published though i also wasn’t very sure about it .

My dream came true while i was still in the same class,during my coffee break a student called Noel came looking for me.The girl was known for being such a drama queen and a joker too but then i chose to listen to what she had to say .

She broke the good news for seeing my article published on the Sunday Nation Newspaper and this got me really excited.My classmates congratulated me for the achievement,and in a few weeks time my status in school had totally changed.But being an introvert,i kept it low.

Being published is every young writers dream,and mine was not an exception.This got me writing even more stories and that is how i seriously began writing.I mean,i didn’t begin this the other day as many GREAT authors acknowledge.Even though people made fun of my name at some point i still had my teachers,family and i am greatful to God for them.

At some point,when i began blogging which was my LAST option.I got blocked by individuals and even left whats app groups because of intimidation but i got a lady by the name Sikuku and Mr.Gabriel Dinda who told me to wake up ,shake off dust and continue racing which made me believe in myself once again.

Both told me of how they had made it at some point in writing which was an eye opener to me.”You will never go far when you STOP and throw stones at every dog that barks”…is what has kept me going through this tough and rough life.

I read articles from different writers and learn a new word every single day,i also watch tv and still see myself meeting Lynda Ogutu and  working at the standard Media at some point.i don’t know why ,i can’t  answer myself either but iam destined for greatness.Never be afraid of reaching stars.

people will always say things that hurt you but the Allahs’ grace is sufficient and it is the anchor we can hold unto.If you really want to meet somebody to or rather be like the person just go ahead and DO IT!This has made Part of my dreams turn into reality which at some point i  never thought would happen.

what happened to dressing elegantly in weddings.. 😒😒😒

I have been to a number of weddings since i keep on getting invitations from friends, friends of friend’s, relatives,cousin’s and oh yeah recently my elder sisters wedding which makes my list endless.Am not a fun though, since my schedule is quite weird but then i don’t mind this invitations at all. I mean, who doesn’t like ‘wedding habaneros’after long week days of attending shoots and editing people’s work at the news desk.Being a journalist also gives me a keen eye on issues one could never notice or even think of. Back to my story anyway… I have noticed a disturbing trend, amongst young women at weddings. 

Firstly, a wedding, whether conducted in an open air market like Muthurwa or conducted inside the precincts of a major and imposing Cathedral, remains a very solemn affair.This is one event your girlfriend wants your absolute support so that it goes on smoothly.I see girls dressed skimply at weddings nowadays, he he..not that i put on buibui and a serious hijab round my head to match my outfit .Not really, ain’t a Muslim either….and ain’t condemning their dresscode. Not at all actually i admire its decency. 

I just shake my head in disbelief. If ever there was a need to have a perfect day, many a bride will confess that it would rather be their wedding day. Therefore, the young women who turn up at weddings to witness that indeed one less competition is gone should have the decency to dress properly. You don’t go to a meeting where the Almighty is supposed to keep close tabs at you and you are as haggard as they get!

Going to a wedding has got much more than just showing up at the wedding venue to be counted .You must plan and come out looking elegant and blissful. But unfortunately a majority of young girls do not invest in time and thought when it comes to selecting wedding attire. ​

SCANTY DRESSING; They just throw on any garment that they find as soon as they thrust their hand into the wardrobe. As a result many girls  in weddings show up looking like yesterday’s food leftovers. Secondly, this is a social occasion where people from all walks of life. If you cannot respect the clergy with your scantily assembled outfits in the name of high fashion to a wedding, at least have decency to the rural folks who rise up in the ungodly hour just to make it to the big center in time to witness their girl getting hitched or their son bringing home a woman. 

The rural folks besides being deeply religious have their non-negotiable social ethos.But when they come to weddings to major towns only to have their eyes and their calmness assorted by reckless and shameful outfits in the name of’SWAG’,it is descpicable.Granted ,it’s okay to consider that you are still single-and you are ready to mingle with some hot groomsmen-but this should NEVER be an excuse for you to feel tempted and throw on your daring mini-dress.

The elders at the wedding Will keep on wondering if you forgot your clothes at home assuming what you have was supposed to be part of the undergarment. 

Remember lots of pictures and video will be taken to make this occasion memorable .So you don’t want your pals to watch the wedding video ,seething with anger for turning up looking like you  came straight from a *strip club or worse off borrowed attire from a hardworking nocturnal worker.

If your girls had the so called’brain tissue’they would figure out that this one social event that you can use to brand your damn self as the next candidate to walk down the aisle could as well turn out being’thitimaah’and you could end up kucheza nikaa umepigwa radiii!!!

In addition,who wants the newly acquired in-laws to start assuming that in another wedding on another day,that would be their bride dressed like a mannequin zile pale MR.PRICE Tom Mboya street .


I developed the practice  of examining  my breasts  early. At the age of  eighteen, I went to the hospital and they confirmed that I had two lumps on my right breast, this got me worried and I decided to involve my mummy and elder sister who acted quickly  and booked an appointment  for biopsy as I went back  to study. 

The results of the biopsy confirmed that I had the lumps and this got me really worried, I wept at the Agha Khan hospital gardens for two hours, concerned on the stories I had been told on cancer .I had plans to continue with my bachelors degree at an international university but now I had fibroadenoma. 

I had gone for the biopsy and at some point called my aunt whom I was so close with. She cancelled me to seek a second opinion, my uncle who was also a doctor and had a private office in Busia so I went in to also see him.He encouraged me together with another team of nurses and a surgeon they deliberated on my case and agreed that the wisest course of action for me would be  surgery. 

Photo coutersy:zjowen_photography.

I picked up my prescription a few days later and went back to the same hospital for the procedure. When I got there I found that the medication would be costly though my family at this point was very much supportive so everything was to move on smoothly. I left with my uncle and returned home at my aunts house the next morning for the surgical procedure come the following day, I woke up a bit hungry but I couldn’t even touch a cupcake which was my favourite snack since I was to adhere strictly  by the medical rules thus hunger pangs, tummy ache and depression has become part of me. 

On my day of surgery ,I got devastated deep inside my soul and looking at the mirror of my past I could notice that I had changed a lot though I never wanted to show it since I had to be strong for myself, my aunt being my pillar at the moment made me even stronger as my mum was quite far and committed to other duties.While sitting at the waiting lounge at the theater section i saw one young man in a surgical mask and my heart thumped faster.He was putting on gloves and had this sparkling white lab coat and snow white gumboots. He called my aunt aside, they conversed for a few minutes then saw my aunt smile coming towards my direction.This wasn’t good NEWS actually and as I crossed my fingers tightly she led me to a changing room that had royal blue curtains and nature paintings on the aqua walls probably  the designer knew why he had this particular  décor, maybe to calm one poor soul .I removed everything and I remained in my birthday suit and was given a long jungle green gown, I felt awful and this time round tears rolled down my cheeks. 

“All is going to be well Lynn”,she said as i handed her my clothes and finally the doors behind were shut. I stealthily walked towards the theatre section since the floor was cold though the area was spotless. I once again met this young man in the room and looking beside were three others and a nurse who stared at me with plastic smiles covering their faces, I also smiled back this time sheepishly not to show what I was going through. 

The room had bright light’s all over along white surgical table and an adjustable bed beside which I only saw in movies.The bed was adjusted to my level and I was told to lay on my back. I had never experienced this before and as this was going on I could see them prepare for my operation. One of the doctors approached and asked “Do you want to be operated as you see or rather administerd with anaesthesia? “.I chose the second  option as I couldn’t stand the sight of blood and my body open. 

I saw the nurse inject my arm and I after some seconds I blacked out completely. The operation took approximately 3hours and the next day I found myself in a private ward. I was alone in bed but opening my eyes I could be able to recognise my aunt. My whole body was numb and a bit painful,i saw everything in 3D I couldn’t even hear properly and on checking my breast it was bandaged heavily.This scared me even more and my aunt assured me of good health care, she told me of how lucky I was as the lumps removed were not cancerous. 

I felt like I could jump with joy, but  I couldn’t since I was to have a three week bed rest just to make sure the wound heals properly and my natural skin around the open area bestows. My biggest fear had finally been conquered since I had been told that I wouldn’t be required to have any chemotherapy treatment which to me was a nightmare. 

The day I got discharged from the hospital I was excited,though I had to change my routine a bit for my bodies connvinience. I would take my clothes off by my aunt’s assistance, I also would just lay on the couch for hours but when I got bored I would watch cartoons with my young nephew who was like a bro to me, he always made me happy since he acted like a grown young man, he would daily check on me after school which made me even happier and got me thinking of how my family cares. 

This  experience taught me a lot, I mean it doesn’t  matter how young or old one is to make you happy. Family too is one of the best and greatest investment one can ever have since it doesn’t have to be blood. The surgical team to me had become  family for ensuring all was well, my close relations with my friends too played a great role during my time of healing process and above all God in heaven. 


I always say these friends who claim they crush on you,will make us do things we have never imagined we  would do.Like i always tell you My friendships have been like a roller coaster!what is really a roller coaster ? You know some of these things we just pick from movies and start using as if we are entitled. 

Reminds me of the time my crush  dropped me at the airport where he was also going to Abu  Dhabi the capital of Dubai for a company assignment In the car was my twinnie. On boarding my flight,he later texted me a few hours later asking how I was fairing, I texted back, “EVERYTHING HERE IS WICKED “.A common slang’ we use back in the Uk amongst my siblings and teenage cousins to mean everything is awesome. 

The next thing i remember was receiving a call from an unknown number asking if i was safe on board. I kept answering the calls and saying.”Sorry wrong number”but the caller  kept asking me to stay on the line,stop panicking, breath in and out in order for me to be safe.I was about to hang up when he reffered to me using my name and asked where exactly i was sitted.Blankly i said ,”Niko kwa bedroom ya upstairs” ,thinking it was a mutual friend who had arrived at my place uninvited and was looking for me to catch up.I have no idea how they notice am around yet my place is a Karura of its own .The caller asked me  to rush out screaming JESUS !JESUS! In order to alert the rest .

You should have seen me bursting into laughter on board …hahaha!huhuuu …and having an infectious laughter everyone in the plane joined in the laughter looking at me ,probably thinking i was watching an online comic show .All because i used the word “wicked” in an innocent text to my crush who misunderstood it for God knows what!And  even called the help line number of the crew claiming that something bad had happened to me in the plane .

In short ,all i am trying is to warn you that the word ‘roller coaster’used above  has nothing to do with  that scary  thing we see in parks  in movies;are we together?

Now let’s go back  to our original story.I was telling you about these male friends who claim to have  crush on us will one day make us do things we’ve never imagined ourselves doing just to please them.You see when this newbie neighbour who happens to be my crush.A black American and drives a pearl  white porsche with UN number plate made me start watering flowers every morning just  because he said he fell in love with the plants on my backyard .This happened the other day when he came to inquire about the grocery store that was around which i saw as an opportunity to make him comfortable in Kenya .We got used to each other and at times we would watch movies and prepare snacks together on weekends which  never disappointed .

One fine Friday ,this man took me out for dinner at a high end restaurant in town which had unique names in the menu such that if you were as green as i was to this American dishes,you could end up ordering marabou stork feathers thinking you had asked for fried tilapia fillet,being Luo.I ordered something familiar hoping it was fries;actually i did not even try to pronounce it,all i did was point at it ,on the menu smiling sheepishly saying”Nataka hii na double expresso” .Thinking double expresso meant something so yummy but in a two way portion thus the word ‘double’.

Expresso to me sounded like one of the sweetest cocktails on planet earth,with some lemon garnish on the side.Shock on me when my order arrived 10 minutes later!I cursed whichever evil spirit had led me to order Habanero’ Hell fire .I took the drink and felt like my body had indeed been immersed in hell fire as the name suggested!My crush looked at me,i looked back at him forcing a smile still with the drink on my hand and we even had a toss.

Tears welling up my eyes,probably he thought i got so emotional over his’special treatment’which to me was ironical.The only drinkable thing on our table was the double expresso i had ordered for which  i quickly grabbed and sipped to drain the Habanero down my throat.My people,whoever said lightening doesn’t strike twice at the same place has never experienced Habanero hellfire in their mouth followed by double expresso!​

I looked up and asked God where exactly i had gone wrong in accepting to go for dinner with the man.Why on earth was i experiencing serious cold war in my mouth?I wanted to grab him by them*balls and slap his damn cute face at the same time walk out of him.But composed,i swallowed everything brought on the table since he had paid for the meals,i didn’t want to awake the ‘monster’in me to make the evening perfect.

Allah,please deliver me from such men.AMIN!!

Gym 💪💪,Rugby 🏈🏈..Are my cup of coffee. 

Hands akimbo,legs Across! As the gym instructer goes round and round making sure everyone is doing the correct thing one person looks calm and seems to be enjoying every bit of the fitness session ,i am also in my yoga pants this particular guys physique moves me. 

“It is keeping fit not straining “,Nnito says as the rest of the group contiues working out.  

Nnito 22,is a fitness enthusiast. Today he is training young boys of Agha Khan academy on how to keep fit. The eager group is composed of teenagers and also older chaps. Nnito is there to teach them about rugby,its rules,how to play safe in the fields,and also how best to tackle an opponent which comes with incentive for the ability of each player to shine. 

Nnito never imagined that at some point he would reff for a serious club in the country, growing up in Nakuru county,Nnito aspired to become an economist.What propelled his determination was his class five report card which stated that he was a “Bright student “.

Those two words lit a fire on his belly; He was not going to settle less. From class five all the way to Maseno school,Nyanza region, he was always amongst the top in his class .

After high school,he worked at his greenhouse as a strawberry farmer which was quite tedious though rewarding.He later worked at a local fitness center,specifically as a junior trainee. After a few months later,he had mastered the art of weightlifting quite well which made the gym instructor appoint him as an assistant instructor. 

Being a fitness center of its own class made him interact with the likes of Andrew Amonde; the rugby sevens coach, Collins Injera who is also one of the best players in the Kenya sevens Team which was fun and also exposed him to the rugby world ‘which later he made friends with them,an added advantage. 

Come January,he got the chance to study at Kenyatta university school of Thearter Arts.”My marks allowed me to study econonomics,but passion for art made me choose filming.He joined the institute which exposed him to greater opportunities and was just but a step in his hobby”,he says. 

On a Saturday afternoon in mid-2015,reality quickly sunk in. He got to apply as a model at Filamu Agency.Nnito and two of his friends would later stand out and work for the agency being paid quite well and his status back at K.U changed.

“I was once a brand ambassador of the Deacons clothing company,ViVo sports wear which was the best thing that ever happened unexpected “.He says.He also at some point appeared on Tv advert and on a billboard at the central business district that  left ladies tongue waging.

Doing all sorts of activities definetly requires discipline of the highest degree with support from family and close friends is what has kept him going.A few months later after long holidays the same year,while at a friends party he received a call from ‘MR.PRICE‘ Kenya,which was opening a new sports wear line at the West side mall.Nnito equipped,”Look at my physique,i do understand fitness.He got hired.

Three months later,around early May Nnito yearning for more,he started sending out applications to more modelling agencies .He was lucky enough to get a job as a commercial model with’Marini agency where he worked till schools opened in September.

Going back to school,everyone wanted a piece of this young charming man,though with discipline he managed to get over his newly acquired ‘celebrity status’though as a fitness instructor.

This is how Nnito got into fitness Business.”Before i knew and do what i do today,my ass muscles would ache and at times would be forced to stand while others sat” ,he chuckles.

In October ,two months before getting to third year.Nnito was invited to a training session to learn more about fitness.”That first session changed my life,I finally understood physical fitness and started to pester the senior gym instructors to give me more information about fitness.

He has since gone for various training camps in Rwanda and Zambia.He not only wants to change the scope of fitness in Kenya but also Africa at large.

BONIFACE UNbounded..  🖐

Boniface Mwangi is an award winning photojournalist involved in sociopolitical activism through his initiative”TEAM COURAGE”.His mother being a business woman  Made him visit different parts of the country at a very tender age. Mwangi was moved to live with his grandparents  home in Nyeri central Kenya when he was only six years old. He later moved to Nairobi in a low income surbub of Ngara, High rise in Majengo, Githurai before settling in Pangani. ​Mwangi dropped out of school and helped his mother vend books to raise money for his basic needs, which probably nurtured him never to quit in life having come from a poor background. 

With all the struggle Mwangi went to school and studied Mass communication which will later make him work as an active journalist in the Kenyan Media industry,Boniface made his decision to quit active journalism after witnessing and documenting post-elections violence in kenya the year 2007 as a photographer for one of the main leading newspapers.The experience made him suffer postraumatic stress and depression;and he was also directly affected having to move temporarily,he got frustrated and had to cover the same politicians that had incited violence but still remain unpunished.

His first initiative was based on his persnonal strength;project ‘picha mtaani,swahili word for street exhibition showing pictures of the evidence that happened in 2007 after the national elections,between different tribes.This traveling exhibition was shown around the country for people to discuss reconciliation as well as promote national healing.This was later complimented by a documentary’HEAL THE NATION’which is being shown mostly in slum areas.​

Following this initiative Boniface has continued to develop stronger human rights stance in his work on fighting(political and corporate)impunity,speaking out against bad and corrupt political leadership and promoting message of peace for the elections that were to be conducted in the year 2013,with initiatives such as:’MAVULTURE and KENYA NI KWETU ‘which has gained a large support base.His latest initiative being PAWA254,a hub that he has largely funded himself.It is also a platform where artists and activists come together and discuss change towards the Kenyan society which benefits all citizens.​

Boniface Mwangi.

“Good work never goes unrewarded”,and with support from other activists Mwangi has won awards which include:MOST INFLUENTIAL AFRICANS OF 2014-NEW AFRICAN MAGAZINE.


FOTO EVIDENCE AWARD-SPECIAL MENTION 2011.Only to mention a few since there are so many awards Mwangi has continued to receive.

Mwangi is also the founder of STREET EXHBITION’a traveling exhibition that was part of an effort to make people know how to live in peace to avoid fighting one another which absolutely adds no value.

In 2011,he spent proceedings from his personal investments to found as well as fund a creative hub,PAWA254,a collaborative space that brings together journalists,artists and activists seeking innovative ways to achieve social change.

Boniface,away from the limelight is a family man.A father of three young cute children namely;Simphiwe,Sifa and Mboya.Thus the saying’behind every succesful man their is a woman and for Mwangis case it is Hellen Njeri Mwangi who has stood by this man through thick and thin.

Mwangi has passion for change in society and has written books which are as well inspiring.Seems like he is a jack of all trades at a young age of 33 balancing both family and social life is actually not a walk in the park as many see it.People like Mwangi have the power to change the image of this country and the society at large.


Many people dream of owning mansionattes, driving Lamborghinis,eating at that five star hotel,taking their families on vacation at Copacabana among other things but then it’s not different from owning a home first. 

A journey of a thousand miles definitely begins with a single step. Having a perfect home has never been easy especially with the current trend. Today everyone wants to have a space of their own. 

A place where they can comfortably make merry  without breaking the bank. A place to have dinner with your loved ones while looking at the stars without a hustle. A place where one can have that perfect photo shoot without paying any fee which is not always easy. 

I am one of these individuals who wants this honestly. Not because we don’t have any of these but because i embrace change every time.I don’t want my kids to have fun at the same home, though a ‘cool place’ twenty years later. I want things done differently.I mean change. 

Change of   environment,culture,food , car,clothing and also place.I want to have a garden of my dreams with my family. A special space where my family will experience fun and not just be viewed at a distance. 

I want to have it in my backyard where i can engage my old buddies to stop, sit and also enjoy for a while. This calls for a design that will put my users at the heart of my garden; one that will focus on my needs, comfort and entertainment. 

It’s unfortunate that most gardens in my Hood are only designed for the eyes. The focus starts and stops with the need to make a place neater and more trendy. In fact, my home for example got this heges at the backyard where the swimming pool is and railings besides which got tiles.

This was back then in the 90’s lol! When i was still suckling milk and honey but i believe that I can have a better home with my family. I know that i personally can have a better place.

By creating a place to go and enjoy, as well as have unlimited fun .I can have a truly rewarding space that will make my family appreciate nature for the rest of their lives.

Am looking forward to having a PERGOLA ENGLISH URBAN GARDEN on my front yard. This is where my loved ones will wake up and feel the morning fresh breeze as they will be listening to nature, i will have a small fountain with the statue of Mary a basis of my religion. 

Many would probably mistake it for’idol worship‘but i won’t care on their opinions since we live in a free world. I would make it simple and neat, i would light it at night with lamps and also pray for my country.

 I will feel close to my God at this point since it will always be quiet here. I will remind him to humble me when i become stubborn. I’ll let him know that i appreciate everything in my life he has given me. And have a rosary for her to always pray for us. 

I will want to have GARDEN ROOMS where I’ll divide it just like my house. A good garden where I’ll extend the indoor rooms to my garden. 

Being a woman who loves her family, I’ll consider having an outdoor  dining area by adding a deck or a patio right in front off the kitchen door. 

This is where the ‘boys’will have space and prepare tasty barbeque which will all goble down with a glass of fine wine.As we laugh our lungs out.Will sing a song or two on that hot afternoon and ‘little shara‘my  last born cutie will heartily strum her pink guitar daddy bought on his trip back from Manilla.(The philipines)

 has always been my priority especially with family to take care of.My designated outdoor rooms won’t be left behind either  ,this will be here to make sure my friends enjoy their experience in the garden for longer periods.

Shelter from unfavourable weather conditions such as the ‘january scorching sun‘ won’t have a place as i   will provide shelter to my guests.

I know you are wondering how but then i got my answer with me!Softscapes elements(plants),hardscape elements or both could suit my home.This will include shade trees and pergolas plus other screening elements of my choice.

Furnishings also have a role to play in improving the comfort levels within outdoor rooms.I’ll have my carpenter work on the garden seats ,tables as well as places to lie down during those days when i’ll want to give my ‘ass’ a break.

ENGAGE SENSE​;My private space will engage all the places.I had already incorporated elements that appeal to other senses apart from sight.

Fragrant herbs and minty leaves just to make the sorrounding area fresh.Fruits,especially berries will give visitors a taste of my ‘Eden‘.I don’t mean that someone would eat any forbidden fruits from my garden.

Still the sounds of twittering birds or splash of a fountain or waterfall somewhere will forever add a memorable episode in my garden.


MY STORY :My blogging journey. 

As a young energetic, practising investigative journalist, a writer, photographer and motor enthusiast, i still have a long way to go but then. Am on the perfect track running my own race. Having been born from a ‘great‘ family, who support me fully is a blessing on it’s way since i got everything i need to make it and also help the rest on the same.

 To me numbers have never put me down, I am my own inspiration but then,i have mentors too who have seen me grow in my writing journey,Mr .Gabriel Dinda,a writer and also the C. E. O And founder of Writers Guild Kenya just to mention but a few have greatly inspired me to “write for change”.

I am a believer of lense(s)and pen(s) for a better tomorrow and consistency in writing, which is not everybody’s cup of coffee got me thinking of how i can as well encourage people to write daily and also keep up with their style but then, i created ten rules that have enabled me to do this perfectly without interfering with any of my schedules. 

1.HONE IT CONTINUALLY ;To grow daily and keep a blog lively, and your readers commenting is every bloggers dream, numbers speak a lot. Depending on what exactly you craft on paper. People will buy a great commodity and stick to it, depending on how the packaging is done.

That’s why companies which make huge profits still maintain loyalty to it’s customers at all costs. It is the same with writing, people will only read your content and have comments both negative and positive depending on what you deliver. 

2.ALWAYS KEEP YOUR STANDARDHIGH; To build a brand for yourself, consistency is key. There are so many musicians but we all know ‘SAUTI SOL’as one of the very best boys choir ever. 

They’ve been on top of their game ever since, but i believe they started from scratch and had to greatly invest in time, sweat and energy to get to the top. That means that it’s not an easy task to craft the best, but you can stand out if only you work ahead of the rest. personally, i can’t write like Ngugi wa Thiong’o, i can never be Lindah Ogutu the news anchor for crying out loud but i can make ‘ME’ a brand of my own without being somebody else photocopy. 

3.ACT WITH INTEGRITY; Being young and keeping up with the first moving world today is one of the greatest challenge i face but then it also makes me work even harder. At times I am normally at home compiling a nice piece and once i get online, i find over 700 whatsapp messages from different groups, online buddies, my close circle and family whom i greatly consider. 

But the thing challenge is that reading all this is impossible. The worst comes in when we meet in open forums and they probably think I got a “price tag “and i just don’t want to associate with them when in real sense I am doing what i need to. Missing dinners at friends place,changing environment month in and out and also missing my family members which i really do is at times depressing but then worth it, when you know exactly what you handling. At times i have to comply with these, which requires imtergrity. 

4.GRIT YOUR TEETH AND FORGEAHEADEveryday to me is a brand new platform to make change (s). A while ago, people used to tell me how blogging is “hard”and it required specialized skills and capacity to own one.Every time my tutor came in class and asked how we were doing with our blogs, I’d hide, and bury my head in the sand, I did this because guilt was eating me up from the inside. 

It felt so odd of me.But then, on one of the classes, he threatened those without blogs on getting zeros on the final class if we couldn’t adhere to it. This shook me greatly and the following day had my first story on Boniface Mwangi(a photojournalist) and got a round of applause from my classmates which made me even write more stories. I learnt that in life, we have to “STOP “listening to what people say in order to be the best. 

5.KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE; While doing my first post, everything was a mess, half badly attached pictures, poor alignment of my work and so many grammatical errors. Today i can sit down, sip a cup of coffee and converse with other writers like Speranza(My favourite blogger) Since I’ve mastered the art of good writing. 

I really don’t need people to follow up on what i actually do for now, but i can speak what i believe can bring change. I sometimes switch off my phone and any other “disruptive elements “and just read what others have written to acquire more knowledge in what they do as well as photography. 

6.YOUR WORD IS YOUR BONDHave you ever talked to a 20 year old who replies Like a 50year old ?This is probably what ‘most’people think of me.In my first year in campus, i never talked much, i always came to class on time and only left when my lectures were over.

This surprised most of them, i familiarized with the environment around and today still when i speak people take me as a very serious person. And even laugh sometimes when they say…..“Lynda hapendi ujinga”...At times it’s good to know your lanes, when to act funny and when to act as a boss! Be true to yourself and people will give you the respect you deserve. Speak goodness keeping in mind that people don’t forget”shit”!

7.WHAT IS YOUR EDGE ;I speak greatly of good stuff ,i try as much as possible to scribble in the morning when my energy levels are high. I then get friendly editors who read and correct my grammar, perfect clear shots from high megapixel cameras from my photographer… Ooh yes, i got one by the way. Who never disappoints in order to stand out. 

It’s impossible but with great support system you can. Others will simply say i got the so called’Good connections’and that’s why i got everything easy. Now that’s their opinion which is completely non of my business. What people don’t know is that you need to properly organize yourself and also have friends who want to see you shine. All this is very possible since i believe in positivity. 

8.IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT THE READER; Whom in this case is like your client, think of yourself as a Chief executive officer in your writing company. Build a brand in your writing, let people consume what you want to put on the table.

 Let people appreciate your art and at the end you’ll surely earn it. You may spend sleepless nights editing, attaching photos and comparing notes from one writer to the other but when your moment of glory comes you’ll gladly grab the royalties. Don’t imitate, speak your mind but don’t be abusive, it’s only a fool who doesn’t accept criticism. 

9.WORK WITH WHAT YOU HAVE; I believe 20million people in my country (Kenya) can afford a 10shilling pen and piece of paper to bring change. You doing have to compete with anybody in this race,the most important thing is that you got to have the ‘eye’.Change will start with me and never a million people. Try as much as possible to read as many books as possible, once in a while cheat on Facebook by reading a book. 

10.SEEK A MENTORIn school, people find it hard to believe that am serious, the other day when someone read my blog, he said “I can’t believe you can write nice stuff Lynncy, i think you only write when you are normal “.This made me laugh my lungs out. To me life has never made me “serious “as they say. I mean why should i, when i got it “ALL “.Don’t be mistaken though… I too believe in getting or having a mentor.

 But don’t do everything he does because he or she could try bungee jumping  and later have them break their spine when you could comfortably seat on the couch and enjoy some Netflix